CUET Sample Papers

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CUET Sample Paper

CUET Exam is now on the list of the biggest entrance exam in India. Candidates who are willing to crack the CUET exam need to establish a strategy and some useful resources. And there is nothing as good as solving the previous year’s exam papers. The whole idea behind solving the CUET previous year papers is to get some useful insight into the exam pattern and time management. Solving more and more CUET previous year papers makes the candidate understand the exam patterns, syllabus, important topics etc. Download the CUET previous year’s papers/sample papers below. 

List of CUET Sample Paper

CUET Sample Paper 1Download Pdf
CUET Sample Paper 2Download Pdf
CUET Sample Paper 3Download Pdf
CUET English GrammerDownload Pdf

Subject Wise CUET Practice Papers – With Answers

BiologyBusiness StudiesChemistry
Environmental StudiesComputer Science Economics
Engineering graphicsEntrepreneurshipFine Arts
GeographyHistoryHome Science
Knowledge TraditionLegal StudiesMass Media
MathematicsPerforming ArtsPhysical Education
PhysicsPolitical SciencePsychology
SanskritSociologyTeaching Aptitude

What is the importance of the previous year’s papers?

Candidates who are serious about their preparation know the fact of solving more and more CUET previous year papers can guide them in the exam. But before aspirants start to solve the CUET paper they are advised to go through the details of the CUET syllabus and CUET exam pattern.

Why solving CUET previous year papers is beneficial :

  • Time management :
    Time is a crucial aspect of an entrance exam. Candidates who failed to manage their time will face situations like being unable to answer questions whose answer is known. CUET exam comes with a wide range of questions so the possibility of questions unattended is quite high.
  • Stress buster 
    When candidates solve the previous year’s papers then they are able to understand the pattern of the exam and the way questions are asked. They become habitual in solving a paper and also able to handle stress. They do not feel nervous while writing exams, instead, they are confident about their knowledge. They already solved many papers like this in preparation time so now they know how to deal with exams. 
  • Key points finder 
    For a candidate, it is important to know the strong and weak areas of the exam syllabus.  And this can be achieved by solving more and more CUET papers. It will give insight about what are the areas where they can perform well, areas where they failed, areas where they outclass everyone, and the areas where they do not need to waste their time. By that, they can perform better in CUET 2022
  • Help in strategy building
    After the strategy is made the most important aspect is to check the implementation of the Strategy. It can be possible by only solving more CUET papers. With this candidate has access to information like what they are doing wrong or why their preparation does not align with the vision set by them. They can find out the key factors and then make changes to their strategy.
  • Makes Fewer Mistakes
    Once students are habitual of solving sample papers, test series, and mock tests. They tend to make very few mistakes in comparison to those who are not solving sample papers, test series, and mock tests. There are many ways to get information but using the CUET previous year paper is most easy and convenient.  

FAQs On CUET Sample Papers

Where Can I get CUET sample papers

CUET Aspirants can download the pdf file of CUET exam papers from guidemycuet. Here you can find the sample papers along with the answer of all the subjects.

What are the advantages of solving the CUET papers?

CUET practice papers will help the candidates in understanding the exam level, the pattern of the exam, the syllabus, and the type of question asked in the test. Also, candidate can increase their speed of solving the question and it will help them in time management during the exam.

Is CUET difficult?

Yes, almost 15,00,000 students have applied for the exam this year. And the CUET exam has a very wide syllabus so the exam difficulty level is going to be moderate to high.

What types of questions are asked in the CUET exam?

In the CUET exam, the question based on MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) is asked.

How many questions are there in CUET?

CUET is divided into 3 different sections and each section has a different number of questions. Section 1A and Section 1B – 50 Questions
Section 2 – 50 Questions
Section 3 – 75 Questions